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Arguing is part of life, it can be from fighting with your sibling to allowing cellphones in school. Speaking of allowing cellphones in school, kids usually have cell phones when they’re going to middle school. For example my very own brother used his phone to call our parents, so that my dad and my mom know that he is ready to get picked up. But other people say it’s a terrible thing because they’ll use it to play games and text and they won’t be paying attention and they will get a bad grade and their parents wouldn’t like that…

Yum! I just had meat for dinner yesterday night, and it was tasty, but wait, I just learned it’s unhealthy for your body. I know it’s delicious because I’ve eaten meat about a billion times, but SHOULD we eat it?

Why We Should Become Vegetarians

We should become vegetarians because we will have more energy, less risk of developing diseases, and we will live longer

Being a vegetarian helps you have more energy because the nutrition in the food will give you more usable energy. Also, too much fat in your bloodstream causes your muscles to not get enough oxygen…

Imagine you’re playing a video game and you’re having so much fun. You are dodging walls, collecting coins, and the game keeps congratulating you, but then your mom says you have to stop. You don’t want to stop, but you should. There are many kids out there who don’t have video games, but they always want one. You should be grateful for video games. In my opinion, video games are good for you and actually help people. Video games keep people happy, make people think faster, and they help people, specifically kids, socialize. …


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